Fantacycling 2021, what a show


Here is who won the general classification and the special trophies

With the Giro di Lombardia a wonderful season at Fantacycling ends , the second in history and we thank everyone once again for the huge participation and the great fun. Without you this great dream would not be possible, we always want to specify it.

In addition to “congratulating the boys”, as an affirmed football coach would say, we must also congratulate the winners of the various rankings, because with over 40 thousand players it was not at all easy to get to the top.

The general classification of the championship is won by the “Mix” team with 61625 points, a mysterious player who, in 2020, had finished 33rd in the Grand Tours Slam trophy. In second position with 61030 points is MarioTombolato's “Valliera” (already third in the 2020 Ardennes triptych), in front of “Albertino Pistolero”, the team of the “Specialone88” player, who closes the podium with 58994 points.  

The Monument Trophy , on the other hand, brings him home to Madwolfs with 9469 points, which despite a not excellent Lombardia (closed in 1952 position), defends itself from the attacks of "Ippopotamofelice" and "AC71", second and third respectively with 9394 points and 9377 points. Madwolfs in the general classification of the championship finished in 852nd position, demonstrating that at Fantacycling even those who lose some ground in the total classification can concretely aim to win an important trophy: congratulations to him!

Taking a look at the other trophies, the Grand Tours Slam was won by “The Painter Lopez” with 21132 points, ahead of “SKARKRX” and “Gone with the Wind”, second and third with 20502 points and 20498 points.

The world champion at Fantacycling was, on the other hand, “Baccobike” with 3164 points, ahead of “Moneyball E” with 3140 and “Raffa fc” with 3065 points.  

Chapter Inferno del Nord , the trophy that accumulates the rankings of the most important northern classics: here the winner was “Italy Cycling Team” with 6762 points, ahead of “Speremo in ben” with 6372 and “Team Peradel” with 6275.  

Finally, in the Trittico delle Ardenne Trophy the best was “AS Fogliatella” with 6293 points, ahead of Moscow Mule with 6235 points and “Tori Svizzeri” with 6228 points.  

Congratulations to everyone, in any case, because once again this year we have achieved our main goal, having fun with you, making the love for cycling grow and getting excited about experiencing racing with the added adrenaline of Fantacycling. In 2022 we are still counting on you to grow the group and make everything even more exciting.

The winners of all the rankings can contact us at our e-mail address and will be invited in the next live shows on the Fantacycling YouTube channel.