Pissei x Fantacycling: here is the new outfit for the summer


Find out how to get it

Have you been waiting to add style to your cycling summer? No problem, the new Fantacycling collection arrives in collaboration with Pissei.

The classic colors of   Fantasy cycling   combined with the quality of the brand   Pissei ,   to wear a beautiful and comfortable outfit, which will make your workouts even more enjoyable.  

Visit the Pissei website and choose the product that's right for you.

You can also choose whether to buy the t-shirt here:   https://www.pissei.com/it/uomo/top/maglie-manica-corta/fantacycling-ltd-maglia-manica-corta-622.html

And here the shorts:   https://www.pissei.com/it/uomo/pantaloni/pantaloncini/fantacycling-ltd-pantaloncino-corto-621.html

To celebrate the collaboration with   fantasy cycling ,   Pissei   has created a special kit together with the founders of the app, choosing a simple but impactful design to stand out on the road. The kit consists of a short-sleeved shirt and shorts made in Italy with the best fabrics that lead to a fit suitable for all body types.


The Fantacycling LTD short-sleeved jersey   it has a fit suitable for all body types while remaining aerodynamic thanks to the raw cut sleeves. The mesh construction of the back guarantees excellent breathability and reflex details applied on the rear elastic help to stay safe during outings in low light conditions.


The Fantacycling LTD shorts   they are made of technical lycra and are perfect for long rides and training, thanks to the new elastic leg cuffs and the Giotto pad, which, with Full Carving technology, guarantees maximum breathability and minimum bulk.

You will discover the ease of buying directly from the Pissei website, with a very convenient payment formula. Ride with us and choose the quality of Fantacycling and Pissei.