Cleats, the Mystery boxes have arrived


Discover them on the online shop together with the line dedicated to Fantacycling

In cycling, the season is just beginning, in football, on the other hand, it is heading towards the final rush, but there is one thing that never changes, the new products from Tacchettee that embrace both worlds.

In fact, we remind you that with the code FANTATAC , you can have a discount on Tacchettee products, and that the line dedicated to the Fantacycling community is available.

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But Tacchettee never ceases to amaze: on the online shop you can discover the new Mystery Boxes . What is it about? Is a surprise. Firstly for the price. The mystery box contains a quantity of products worth more than double what you pay for the box! How surprising is the content: printed and embroidered t-shirts and sweatshirts, cards, gadgets (perhaps a rare Moscow Pendolino!), accessories… what else? We don't know, that's the beauty!

There are five levels of mystery boxes and you can indulge yourself in ordering your surprise how and when you want.  

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DO YOU SUFFER FROM ALLERGIES? No problem. Just choose the desired size and, in the notes field, indicate any teams or colors to which you are allergic: so you, avid Inter fan, won't have the displeasure of finding yourself in front of Rossoneri players! Returns are not possible for boxes.

In addition, the new shirts and sweatshirts with the famous football phrases are available, to give a touch of memorable class to your look.  

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